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Rants from the Demented Empress

the noisy life of the nosy fool

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There really is not much to me. I started writing in a dairy (a beautiful green book, a gift my friend Melissa gave me, with a beautiful celtic knot on it) the summer after seventh grade. I promised myself that I would write in it everyday. Or every few days at the very least. I kept that going until...hummm...the first three weeks, but after that, I didn't touch it for months. Then I thought maybe the reason I stopped was because I found writing (with pen and paper and hand) too taxing, so I came up with the brilliant idea of typing my thoughts, printing them out, and then sticking/paper clipping it onto my 'dairy'. That lasted for four days. Now, I have come up with another brilliant idea: post my thoughts on LiveJournal. My motivation to actually continue posting? The fact that it would be out there somewhere is cyberspace with the possibility of some random person reading it. I mean the whole 'somewhere out there' idea just seems so much more appealing.

Well, now to core of the apple as...I would say, the drive behind a LiveJournal/Diary. I wanted this simply to have some place where all my thoughts can be sorted out and revisited at a later time. I write some really personal things once in a while, but that's usually for my eyes only. Otherwise, I my posts are just my thoughts on the daily happenings in my life including the movies, dramas, books, fanfiction etc. that I watch.

Essentially, this is what I am:
- Student (in the god forsaken IB program)

I am a Self-proclaimed:
- Nerd
- Fool
- Empress
- Money Lover
- Queen of sarcasm
- World's greatest procastinator

This is what I do:
- Sit in front of computer under the pretense of studying
- Read books
- Watch dramas
- Read fanfiction (Draco!Ginny, Lily/James)
- Lincoln-Douglas debate
- Argue over politics with family, friends, and foe
- Read Wikipeida
- Stress out without actually stressing out
- Procrastinate
- Play/watch/obsess over tennis

This is what I like:
- Books and more books
- Fanfiction (note above) and asian dramas
- Movies (any country, any language) and musicals
- Tennis (Roger Federer (I love you), Gonzalez, Nadal, Henin, Blake, Graf, Agassi)
- History, math, languages

This is my personality:
- Sarcastic
- Selfish
- Arrogant
- Self-centered
- Stubborn
- Opinionated
- Talkative
- Contemplative
- Faithful
- Manipulative
- Loyal
- Reasonably smart
- Terribly ambitious
- Moderately conservative

The three loves of my life are (in order of importance):
1. Myself (I can explain!!)
2. Money (I can explain!!)
3. Chocolate (I can't explain)